I have been waiting all day to write this post. Searching for the right words, feelings, thoughts, and support. We have probably all known someone who had cancer, is going through cancer, or has SURVIVED cancer. I am going to touch on someone who was all three at one point. In fact, she had cancer a total of 11 times. I am speaking of my Aunt Barbara.
It all started in the early 90's. She was diagnosed for the first time. I remember my family and how scared we all were. My parents would talk to her on the phone daily, putting forth a support system thousands of miles away. We were in CO and she was in DC.
I remember when they deemed her in remission. We celebrated, we went out there, and we became closer. She was a survivor. She beat it, and she could move on.
Then it came back and she was strong as ever. In fact she is the strongest woman I have ever known. Got right in the face of cancer and fought the hell out of it every time. This cancer found new places to come back to every time. Finally she went through a leg amputation because that leg could no longer handle the surgeries. She went through all the chemo and radiation a body could handle. So they had to resort to surgery most of the time.
She kicked the cancer's ass so many times that she was never in shock when they told her it was back, she never backed down and she never let it sway her determination.
She lost that battle this last March. Over 15 years of battling, beating, and surviving cancer. I didn't realize how many people she had touched throughout her life. They are dedicating a gymnastics complex, in her name, in Washington DC. They are naming a gym after her, as well as a street by the school where she taught. This woman, my Aunt, was courageous, determined, hard headed, hopeful, and above all a pure fighter.

WhyMommy will get through this. We are her support system and we will be there for her when she needs us. In good times and bad. That is what you do. I just met her via blogosphere and she amazes me beyond words. Go and read some of her writings. You will be amazed at the strength this woman has. Take a look at her beautiful babies. And above all, support her. Add the button for Team WhyMommy. Be a part of the Team and support the crap out of her. Send her a message. Just.be.there.for.her.


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WhyMommy said...

You did. You are. Thank you.

Your aunt's strength is inspiring.